Lawn Care Tips That Will Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Winter

Winter provides a welcome respite from lawn maintenance since there is no mowing or weeding. This does not mean, however, that you should overlook your lawn. Winter grass maintenance requires just a few simple processes, and your lawn should seem lush again in the spring. Continue reading to learn how to winterize grass.

Lawn Care Tips That Will Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Winter


Slow-release fertilizer with an appropriate NPK ratio is required (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium). To maximize nutrient absorption, apply before the onset of dormancy. When your lawn freezes for the first time this winter, these nutrients will be locked in the grass; hence your grass will become lush and green.

Aerate Your Grass.

It’s a good idea to maintain your lawn by aerating in the autumn. If possible, complete the project before the first frost. By breaking up compacted soil, aerating a lawn enables oxygen and nutrients to reach the plant roots. These fertilizers will be required in the spring. Aeration will prevent weeds and pests.


It’s becoming cooler outside, which means you won’t need to mow as often as you have been all year. Our recommendation is to mow your grass somewhat higher than normal. When grass is trimmed too short, it offers less protection and allows frost to infiltrate the growth zones of your lawn.


Weeding before the arrival of the snow is another critical component of winter grass upkeep. In the late fall/early winter, you should pull out any weeds and then treat the area with herbicide. This assures you that your lawn will be weed-free after the snow melts. In the spring, weed control will significantly simplify your life.

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