Liquid Aeration is the Best Solution for Compacted Lawns

Do you struggle with hard, compacted soil or dry, unhealthy grass? One solution is to aerate your lawn, but until now this was a long and messy process. That is why we are so excited to offer a new aeration technology as the perfect solution to your lawn care needs. SoilTech is a liquid aeration product that is often used on golf courses and sports fields and is finally available for residential use. Read on to learn more about how this environmentally-friendly product can improve the health of your lawn by reducing soil compaction.

Liquid Aeration is the Best Solution for Compacted Lawns

Compacted soils restrict water and nutrient flow, which results in dry lawns, wasted water, and fertilizer runoff. They can also put pressure on root systems, which threaten the health of your lawn even more. SoilTech solves these issues with tiny molecules that clump small soil particles into larger ones, creating more pore space in soil of your lawn. Within this pore space, water, nutrients, and air can more easily flow to reach the roots of your lawn and improve its overall health.

SoilTech is not only cheaper and faster than mechanical aeration processes, but it also ensures that you reach 100% of your treated area through its easy liquid application. You only need to apply once or twice a year, which is a great improvement over countless other lawn-treatment products which require monthly use. You can also feel good about using SoilTech on your lawn as it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, so no harm caused by any potential runoff or to wildlife visiting your yard. Finally, it is a huge relief to know that SoilTech is safe around children and pets, pools and fishponds, flower beds, shrubs, and vegetable gardens, so you can enjoy and treat your lawn at the same time!

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