Six Tips To Prevent Weeds From Growing On Your Lawn

If you have problems with weeds every year, now is the time to stop them from growing.  By maintaining a healthy lawn and taking several other steps, you can keep your lawn weed-free all summer long.  Here are several things you can do to prevent weeds:

Six Tips To Prevent Weeds From Growing On Your Lawn

Prevent Weeds By Keeping your lawn healthy

The best way to prevent weeds is by keeping your lawn healthy.  Often times, weeds are a sign that your lawn doesn’t have enough nutrients or has poor soil.

To keep your lawn healthy, you should water your lawn regularly, fertilize your lawn several times a year, and treat any lawn diseases as soon as possible.

Grow taller grass

Set your lawnmower to a higher setting.  Weeds need sun to grow and tall grass will shade your lawn.

Apply a pre-emergent herbicide

A pre-emergent herbicide is a weed killer you use before you see weeds.  By treating your lawn in the spring, you can kill weeds before they appear.

Cover parts of your lawn that don’t have grass

If you have parts of your lawn that don’t have grass, cover it with mulch or landscape fabric.  A thick layer of mulch will keep weeds from growing.  Landscape fabric can be used when you are planting flowers or vegetables.  It allows water to get in the soil, but keeps weeds from growing.  By cutting a hole for the plants you want to grow, you can keep weeds from growing in unwanted places.

Plant closely to prevent weeds

If you are planting flowers, vegetables, or other plants during the spring, plant them closer to each other.  This will create more shade around the plant and make it harder for weeds to grow.

Pull weeds by hand

If you see weeds growing, the best way to get rid of them is to pull them by hand.  Make sure to pull both the plant and all of the roots.

Need help with weeds?  Contact us today!

If you need help controlling weeds in your lawn, contact us today!  We can help you create a weed prevention plan for your lawn and get rid of any weeds that have already popped up.

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