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What Are Grub Worms?

Lawn grubs, often called white grubs, are beetle larvae, that feed on grassroots and other organic matter in the soil. These pests can severely damage your lawn and cause dead patches while they are in their larval stage. Grubs eventually turn into adult beetles and emerge from soil to mate and lay eggs, which hatch into more grubs. Depending on soil moisture and temperature, eggs hatch about two weeks after being laid, in mid to late summer. Grubs begin feeding immediately after hatching, reaching peak feeding in early fall.

Symptoms of Grub Feeding

The first sign of a grub infestation in a well-watered lawn is spongy turf. As grubs feed, lawn roots are eaten away, leaving moisture in the soil. Most Dallas area residents will notice grub damage as their lawn greens up in spring, finding irregularly shaped brown patches. Those dead patches may be due to grub feeding from the previous fall. To check for grub activity, lift a piece of your turf. If grubs are the culprit, the dead patch will roll up like a carpet, or you’ll be able to pull up the grass and see that it has no roots.

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Immature grubs are most susceptible to pesticides while young. For most white grubs this means applying pesticides while newly hatched grubs are feeding – in mid- to late summer and early fall. We use high quality products to ensure that live grub worms are eliminated and to prevent outside infestations from moving in on your lawn. Early lawn grub treatment and prevention can save your lawn from the devastating effects of a grub worm infestation in any lawn.

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If you suspect grub worms are in your lawn and you need lawn grub treatment, look no further than Abracadabra Lawn, Weed & Pest Control! We continuously go above and beyond for our customers to ensure that we earn their repeat business and give them a reason to refer us to their friends and family. Contact us today to learn more about our grub control for lawns and other lawn treatment services.

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