Control of Armyworms

Armyworm infestation can cause extensive damage if not treated promptly. Therefore, you need to get rid of armyworms before they destroy your lawn. The pests destroy your lawn by marching across your yard and eating the grass blades on their way. Armyworms attack different types of plants as they move across your lawn looking for … Read moreControl of Armyworms

Signs of Grub Worm Infestation in Your Lawn

Lawns act as safe places for different types of pests because the grass’s blades hide them from the variations in temperature and predators. Grub worms can be found on cool weather grasses, they also like infesting warm-season grasses.¬† There are several signs of grub worm infestation in your lawn, including: Increased Presence of Burrowing Pests … Read moreSigns of Grub Worm Infestation in Your Lawn