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SoilTech Liquid Aeration For Your Lawn

What is SoilTech?

SoilTech is an environmentally-friendly, liquid aeration product that is formulated with natural ingredients to reduce the compaction in your yard. SoilTech increases soil pore space by combining small soil particles to create larger ones which allows for more water to get into and keeps it in your soil. SoilTech creates a healthy environment under your yard and keeps it that way!

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What will SoilTech do for you?

  • Your Grass Will Stay Greener: SoilTech helps your grass get the most benefit from your fertilizers.
  • Better Use of Water: When you water your lawn or when it rains, your lawn will be better able to use that water to its best advantage, making your lawn look better and saving on your water bill.
  • Your Lawn Will be Healthier: Reducing soil compaction will allow your grass to have a deeper and stronger root system.
  • Your Lawn Will Look Better During Drought: Even if you are unable to water, your lawn will fare better, due to a stronger root system, and better use of available water.
This lawn did NOT receive SoilTech
This lawn DID receive one application of SoilTech.

All the lawns received the same care. Notice the difference in grass cover and color.


Abracadabra Lawn Care would like to introduce you to an exciting new liquid aeration product we’ve found that will help improve your lawn in many ways. We’ve all known for years that aeration is beneficial to lawns of all grass types. But not many people aerate their lawns, because it’s a difficult, lengthy process that involves renting an aeration machine and results in something of a mess on your lawn.

Now, we’ve found an environmentally-friendly liquid aeration product that has been used on golf courses and sports fields, but is now available to us. One easy spray-on application is all it will take to help your lawn be healthier and stay greener. It could even reduce your watering time and save on your water bill!

We have always strongly recommended aeration for all lawns at least once each year. Aeration reduces compaction. Compaction basically means that the soil is smashed tightly together, making it difficult for water, air, nutrients, and your grass’ roots to get down into the dirt. Aeration helps combat these problems.

With mechanical aeration pulls out cylindrical plugs of soil and deposits them on top of your grass. That’s how it gets water, air, and nutrients down into the soil, but those holes will only last for a short time. Also mechanical aeration only affects 3-5% of your yard, meaning only 3-5% of your yard will receive these holes.

SoilTech, on the other hand, contains environmentally-friendly molecules that get smaller soil particles to clump into larger ones making pore spaces, or tiny holes in your lawn. These tiny holes are what aerates your soil. So like mechanical aeration, SoilTech makes holes in the soil but there are millions more, they last longer, and Since it’s a liquid, will cover 100% of your lawn.

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