Basic Tips On Fertilizing Your Lawn

Now is the time to get your lawn ready for summer.  One way to keep your lawn healthy is to use fertilizer.  Fertilizing your lawn is pretty easy and can give you the perfect lawn all summer long.

Basic Tips On Fertilizing Your Lawn

If you have never fertilized your lawn before, here are some basic facts:

Why do I need to fertilize my lawn?

Fertilizer is important because it adds nutrients into your lawn.  Over time, a soil loses nutrients.  In order to keep your grass growing, you need to add nutrients back into the soil.

A healthy lawn is important for several reasons.  Your grass is less likely to get lawn diseases.  It will be able to handle the heat and foot traffic better.  A healthy lawn is also less likely to grow weeds.  

How often should I do it? 

Every lawn is different, but most yards need to be fertilized four times a year.  You should fertilize in early spring, late spring, summer, and fall.

How do I prepare my lawn for fertilizer?

Water your lawn a few days before you fertilize.  This will help the soil absorb the fertilizer.

Also, make sure to mow and rake your lawn before you fertilize.  This will remove any excess lawn waste and make it easier for the fertilizer to reach the soil.

How long does the fertilizer need to set in the ground? 

Fertilizer needs about a day to set into the ground.  Keep any kids or pets off the lawn for at least a day.  After 24 hours, you can use your lawn as you usually do.

Need help taking care of your lawn?  Contact us today!

If you need more advice on fertilizing your lawn or need help taking care of your lawn, contact us today!  We can come up with a customized lawn care plan for your home and help you keep your lawn looking its best all summer long.

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