Crabgrass Prevention


After crabgrass gets started in your lawn, they tend to live and spread for some time. In comparison to lawn weeds, they live for shorter periods but have long lasting effects on your lawn. Proper understanding of how to prevent its cycle can help in preventing it and keeping it away from your lawn.


Preventing Crabgrass

Proper understanding of crabgrass cycle is important in its prevention. The prevention process involves preventing the seeds from ever becoming seed-producing plants. This is because it becomes difficult to prevent after producing seeds since the seeds can remain capable of normal growth and stick around for germination in future.

Prevention of successful germination of crabgrass seeds is important because there are always thousands of such seeds waiting in your lawn. Crabgrass preventer products use pre-emergent herbicides that target germinating seeds before new leaves germinate.

The herbicides prevent germination and development of the root of the crabgrass so that they do not become established. There are crabgrass preventers that prevent the unattractive weed from growing for extended periods while feeding your lawn at the same time, for example, the Pennington ultra-green crabgrass preventer plus fertilizer.

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent crabgrass from germinating while post-emergent herbicides control the weed after it has germinated. In as much as you can use herbicides in preventing crabgrass either before or after germinating, the best defense is to always keep your lawn healthy.  Crabgrass and other unhealthy weeds cannot thrive in your lawn when it is has robust stands of grass. Basic lawn care can help prevent crabgrass from invading your lawn. This includes frequent mowing, long and heavy watering as well as fertilizing your grass at least once a year.

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