Does Liquid Lawn Aeration Work?

If you want a beautiful, green lawn, you need to aerate it regularly. Previously, gardeners used to loosen the soil to allow air, fertilizer, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper. By doing so, it reduces soil compaction and improves the interaction between soil and air. But in recent years, many people have switched to a new technology called liquid lawn aeration. Some manufacturers and lawn maintenance companies are promoting this method. But does it work? Read on to answer that.

Does Liquid Lawn Aeration Work?

What is Liquid Lawn Aeration?

It is aerating your lawn with a liquid solution. Gardeners first mix a product with water and spray it on their lawns using a pump sprayer or a hose-end attachment. You must try as much as you can to spread the product evenly. But other than that, the process is straightforward.

There are different liquid aeration products. These vary in design and composition. Therefore, it can be challenging to know the ingredients in a product. However, the most common ones used are liquid humates and surfactants.

Once you spray the liquid solution, the products will stimulate microbiomes and break down compact soil to allow air, water, and other healthy materials to penetrate.

What Are the Benefits of Liquid Aeration?

Core or traditional aeration is an effective method of loosening the soil. However, it may not suit all lawn owners as it is a manual process. Manual aerators need you to invest in a spike aerator or coring machine. These tools require you to press down into the soil to create air pockets.

For someone with a large lawn, the process can be time and effort-consuming, and inefficient. Thankfully, liquid aeration offers an excellent alternative. It saves time and energy, not to mention it’s cost-effective as you don’t need to buy or rent equipment. Plus, it doesn’t damage anything underground or leaves unsightly plugs in the yard.

How Much Does Liquid Aeration Cost?

The cost for DIY lawn aeration is approximately $1/1000 sq. ft. coverage. But, liquid lawn aeration usually costs cheaper. So, for a 10,000 sq. ft. lawn, it may cost an average of $150 to hire an aeration company.

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