Control of Armyworms

Armyworm infestation can cause extensive damage if not treated promptly. Therefore, you need to get rid of armyworms before they destroy your lawn. The pests destroy your lawn by marching across your yard and eating the grass blades on their way.

Armyworms attack different types of plants as they move across your lawn looking for edible plant leaves. During the warm season, they attack turf grasses and some crops. They leave brown spots on your lawn as they feed and can make your lawn bare.

 Control of Armyworms

Control of Armyworms

The population of armyworms is usually kept under control by the wasps and flies that feed on them. Ground beetles can also limit their outbreak as well as birds that consume them in large numbers.

When you keep grassy weeds under control, by mowing grass to the appropriate height, you prevent the adult armyworms from laying eggs.

Also, you can prevent an infestation through appropriate watering, deep and infrequent irrigation. It is advisable to aerate the soil and fertilize your lawn using slow-release fertilizers.

It will help if you control armyworms when you notice extensive damage on your lawn or when they exist in large numbers.

When you see several worms or when you notice extensive leave damage, you need to treat your lawn with pest control.

The control is more effective if you use insecticides that are specifically meant for the treatment of these worms. Also, there are bacterial products that can be used to control armyworms in your lawn.

There are some insecticides, for example, BT products that control armyworms selectively without harming insects that are beneficial to your lawn. It is recommended that you retreat your lawn afterwards because BT products usually leave residue remains on the turf of your yard.

Identification and control of armyworms might not be as easy as it seems. Contact us at Abracadabra to help in the process for exceptional results using the best products.

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