Our 5 Step Shrub & Ornamental Program

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Unfortunately, insects and diseases are often the cause of costly damage to landscape ornamentals. But with our five-step tree and shrub program, you can protect your lawn from aggravating pests and other diseases that can ruin your landscape. In ten weeks, you can get your lawn looking its best and have the best lawn in the neighborhood. With our Shrub and Ornamental Program, all it takes is five simple steps.

Our 5 Step Shrub & Ornamental Program

Dormant oil for early insect control

The first thing that we will do is spread a layer of dormant oil over your lawn. This will also kill overwintering insects that are found under the bark of trees and shrubs. Applying dormant oil in late winter or early spring before warm weather begins will help you avoid insect problems later in summer. Dormant oil is a non-toxic and inexpensive way to prevent insect eggs and larvae from emerging in the springtime. It’s also one of the safest, most effective and eco-friendly insecticides on the market.


Apply a balanced foliar fertilization treatment

Your first application of granular fertilizer should be done in late February or early March for most lawns. Your grass will love it because the fertilizer has a unique combination of nutrients that will be applied directly to the grass itself,  keeping insects and diseases at bay while providing nutrients that are essential to healthy growth. Foliar fertilization is not meant to replace soil fertilizer. Instead, it acts as a supplement that is specifically formulated to provide an extra boost of nutrients to the grass so that it can thrive in the most optimal condition possible.


Insect and disease control application

This is a good time to observe any insects and diseases that are active. By keeping careful track of what insects are actually found on your property, you have a better chance at diagnosing insects if you have an infestation. Over the next few weeks, our team of experts will monitor your yard and apply any treatment that’s needed to eliminate pests from your lawn. We will also apply another foliar fertilization treatment to keep your lawn healthy and free of brown patches. So if you are ready for your lawn to have a vibrant, fresh look for the summer, go ahead and sign up for our Shrub and Ornamental Program. Your yard will thank you for it! Call us today for more information!

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