Appropriate Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization is an essential process in growing and maintaining a healthy lawn. However, most homeowners skip this process because of a lack of knowledge on the products to use and not knowing the appropriate time for application.  Skipping the process is further complicated by the fact that incorrect application of lawn fertilizer can have adverse effects on your lawn.

Appropriate Lawn Fertilization

You need to apply fertilizer on your lawn in spring when the soil is warm. Therefore, you need to apply fertilizer in April for the first time within the year.

Proper lawn fertilization is the right step towards a dense and healthy lawn that maintains a deep green color and makes it impossible for weeds to sprout.

Nitrogen is an important ingredient for your lawn, and it enhances optimal performance and growth. Most fertilizers contain nitrogen, and the frequency of lawn fertilization impacts the appearance and maintenance level of your lawn.

Below is a guide on how to properly fertilize your lawn.

Good Watering

You need to water your lawn a few days before fertilization. This ensures that the soil is ready for the lawn fertilizer.

Use the Best Spreader

You need to choose the best spreader and learn how to use it effectively in your lawn. Different fertilizers have different spreader settings for appropriate coverage. Therefore, you need to select the proper setting for your spreader.

Application of Fertilizer Around the Perimeter

When you first fertilize areas of your lawn around the perimeter, there is little chance that you will leave out other parts. Also, you need to avoid getting fertilizers in driveways and sidewalks. Besides, you need to fertilize your lawn by moving back and forth while overlapping.

Your lawn is different from others, and choosing the right fertilizer to meet the needs of your lawn might be daunting at first. Contact us for recommendations on the best fertilizer products for your lawn.

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