Most Effective Ways Of Controlling Fire Ants

If you have encountered fire ants in your lawn or garden, you know how pesky they are. Controlling them is even more tasking as they sneak away and rebuild more colonies. Fire ants are aggressive in reproduction and damage. They are invasive and chew on the insulation on electrical wires causing short circuits. The appearance of dirt mounds means that fire ants have been building their colonies, and drastic control measures need to be drawn.

Most Effective Ways Of Controlling Fire Red Ants

Ways Of Controlling Fire Ants

There are several ways to control fire ants. Effective control methods should aim to destroy the queen to decimate a colony. The following are tried and tested fire ant control methods  grouped into three categories;

1. Bait Controls

Homeowners should consider using baits containing harmful ingredients to eradicate colonies. Chemical ridden granules are applied around the mounds, and the ants carry the ‘food’ to the rest of the colony, where they ingest and die. Baits should be slow in action to reach the queen, which is usually deeper underground. Baits affect the digestive and nervous systems. Other baits hinder reproduction and growth in the fire ants. Baits should be used when it’s not likely to rain to avoid the baits from being washed away.

2. Contact Killers

Contact insecticides eliminate ants fast through contact. Ants carry and spread the contact treatment to the other ants, increasing the chances of elimination. The application of contact treatment creates a perimeter for the ants and limits how far they can go. The broadcast application method is more effective than individual mounds because ants have different exit and entry routes. Homeowners should avoid activities like irrigation during the application of contact insecticides.

3. Home Remedies

Home remedies such as dousing mounds with hot water and applying gasoline and diesel may be effective but do not offer a permanent solution. The queen is most likely not killed, and the colonies relocate to safer grounds and continue multiplying. Home remedies can also be hazardous to humans and cause soil pollution.


Fire ants are dangerous pests that cannot be left uncontrolled. Fire ants are omnivores that threaten plants, and their sting is painful and deadly. They also cause structural and electrical damage of great value. Using different methods of controlling fire ants can only be successful when done by professionals. That limits damage to the environment and risks of injuries during applications. Connect with Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control on Twitter for more information on weed and pest control on your lawn.

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