Benefits of Properly Treated Grass on Your Lawn

When you adhere to proper grass treatment practices, you cultivate a lush and green lawn with benefits beyond beauty.  Properly treated grass has numerous benefits, including:

Benefits of Properly Treated Grass on Your Lawn

Keeps the Outdoor Living Space Cool

A healthy lawn acts as a cushion to the sun’s effects, helping keep your home cooler. The grass and other plants on your yard help create and maintain a cool outdoor space.

Prevents Runoff of Stormwater

During rain, the bare areas on your lawn are, in most cases, washed away. This results in holes and divots on your lawn, and the water ends up clogging your drains. However, when your lawn is lush, it slows the runoff and gives the stormwater time to seep into the soil. In this regard, having properly treated grass on your lawn helps minimize the adverse effects of having bare spots on your lawn.

Improves the Soil-Structure of Your Lawn

Compacted soil does not allow water to be easily absorbed. This implies that when it rains, the groundwater stays for longer on the surface of your lawn, and this can adversely affect the appearance of your lawn. Healthy grass on your lawn keeps the soil open and loose with enough space for water to soak into it.

Minimizes Your Utility Bills

More grass and trees around your home keep the environment cooler than when your home is surrounded by concrete. When your home is surrounded by grass and other plants, it requires little energy to cool it. Therefore, a lush yard keeps your home cooler, and you spend little money on your AC expenses.

Improves the Value of Your Home

Healthy grass improves the appearance of your home and adds value to your property.

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