How to Save Your Yard During a Drought

Drought conditions are often bad news for most homeowners. This is because extended periods of drought affect the yard by making the grass look dead-visibly brown, dry, and limp, which ruins the general outlook of your yard.

However, the good news is that the grass in your yard is surprisingly resilient to certain weather conditions. This means that you have a chance to save your yard during a drought.

But how can you do this?

Here are a few steps to take to ensure your yard survives a drought.

How to Save Your Yard During a Drought

Stay off the Lawn!

Eliminating foot traffic on your grass is a crucial step to ensure your yard survives the drought conditions. This is important because it helps eliminate all weight activity that may make the soil compact, making it difficult for your lawn to absorb moisture.

Also, it helps reduce additional stress on the lawn.


Ensure you aerate your lawn. With the help of a manual aerator, you can punch holes in the yard, which will help the lawn’s root system absorb sufficient moisture that will help survive the drought conditions.

Make Best Use of Watering

Dull bluish-green colors accompanied by slow growth are some of the telltale signs that your lawn needs water. Since these drought conditions mean that you’ll experience long periods of little or no rainfall, it is vital to take steps to ensure you water your lawn properly.

Some few tips for watering include:

  • Watering between the early hours to help reduce evaporation.
  • Deep infrequent watering is ideal for your lawn.

Mow the Grass

Although grass will stop growing during drought, it is essential to mow more often. However, while mowing, you should ensure that you don’t mow the lawn too short. It would be best if you avoided removing more than one-third of the grass blades because drought can have devastating consequences on a short lawn.

Put briefly, ensure you mow your lawn but keep it high to help retain important photosynthetic material and a lot of moisture.

Need Help?

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