How to Eradicate Dallisgrass Weeds with Special Treatment Application

The sight of Dallisgrass weeds in your yard can be frustrating, particularly watching your healthy and beautiful lawn get destroyed. Some weeds are even stubborn, no matter how much effort you put into getting rid of them. One such weed is dallisgrass, which pops up unexpectedly and without warning. Be encouraged, that with proper methods, you can finally eradicate it. Read on to discover how to totally remove dallisgrass weeds.

How to Eradicate Dallisgrass Weeds with Special Treatment ApplicationWhy Is It Hard To Treat?

Dallisgrass weeds fail to be killed by standard broadleaf weed control herbicides. Dallisgrass spreads from the seedlings and the infestation will continue to spread if it goes untreated..

Dallisgrass Identification

Most homeowners confuse dallisgrass weeds and crabgrass, but the correct identification helps you control and eliminate the weeds with the correct products. These weeds have smooth leaves that are curved in vernation, with a conspicuous mid-rib that distinguishes it from other weeds.

Ways to Treat These Dallisgrass Weeds

Unfortunately there is no pre-emergent to prevent Dallisgrass. Once it has germinated it requires a special herbicide to kill it. This product only works in summer temps above 85 degrees. This product must be applied 3 times, 7-10 days apart to achieve a total kill. It will cause temporary yellowing of the turf grass as well. After the 3 week series has been completed watering and fertilizing will help the desirable turf grass green back up. It is not uncommon to find a few stray clumps of Dallisgrass as some seedlings may have been in germination during the treatment series.

Here are the three applications for dallisgrass control.

If you live near open fields or have neighbors that have their lawn infested with Dallisgrass you may require spot treatments each summer to keep your lawn free of Dallisgrass.

Pricing is based on infestation level. Call us today to have a lawn evaluation and make a plan to rid your lawn of the unsightly Dallisgrass.

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