What Lawn Problems Should you Expect During Summer?

Summer is characterized by hot and humid weather, best dealt with chilled freshly made lemonade. As you relax on your front porch, you may notice that your lawn isn’t as attractive as it was before summer. The lush green carpeting is no longer there, instead, you have ugly brown patches of dried grass. These are signs of stress, common during summer.

What Lawn Problems Should you Expect During Summer?

Drought Stress
The grass is always green whenever you water it. Lack of water coupled with high humidity may make your grass suffer from stress. As temperatures keep rising during summer, the grass tends to lose water. You will notice the grass blades wilting and becoming less rigid. When you step on such grass, it remains flat instead of bouncing back. It also develops a bluish-greyish appearance.

You may also observe your lawn becoming patchy, with some areas greener and healthier than others. This is because of the uneven wetness reserves in the soil that lead to grass blades folding to conserve moisture.
Lawn Diseases
The hot and humid temperatures during summer provide the perfect environment for lawn patch diseases. Diseases such as brown patch and large patch thrive with temperature changes. These two are pretty similar, although they affect different species of grass. During summer, you will most probably encounter brown patch disease.

Symptoms of brown patch disease include circular patches of brown grass. The disease can appear overnight, especially when temperatures are above 70 degrees with the patches growing as the disease progresses.

Pest and Bugs
During summer, your lawn may be infested with bugs and pests which cause extensive damage. You can tell there’s an infestation if you notice brown spots and chewing marks on the grass blades, holes in the soil, and thin or missing grass.  You may also see some of these bugs on the grass.  Common lawn bugs include armyworms, chinch bugs, grubs, and sod webworms.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Lawn Evergreen During Summer?
For you to keep your lawn lush and green during summer, be on the lookout for signs of dormancy, drought stress, bugs, and diseases. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, professionals can help. Abracadabra Lawn Pest and Weed Control offers competent services regarding any lawn issues you may have. Contact us today for an evaluation of your lawn and an instant quote.

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