Signs that Indicate you Have Over-Fertilized your Lawn

The right fertilizer can provide you with a lush, green lawn-so long as you apply it correctly. When it comes to lawn fertilizer, many homeowners believe that more is better. That’s not necessarily the case, as too much fertilizer can actually cause more harm than good. Here are a few signs that might indicate you have over-fertilized your lawn.

Signs that Indicate you Have Over-Fertilized your Lawn

Fertilizer Burn

The salts in lawn fertilizer can draw moisture out of your grass, resulting in a condition known as fertilizer burn. With fertilizer burn, you may notice brown or yellow discoloration on blades of grass that follow your fertilization pattern. In more severe cases, entire sections of your yard may turn brown and die off.

Fertilizer burn does not always show up right away. If you have used a slow-release fertilizer, you may not notice the effects for several weeks.

Over-Fertilized: Crusting Fertilizer

In some cases, the fact that you have used too much fertilizer is obvious right away. One such instance is when you observe product crusting on top of your soil. If you notice crusting fertilizer, remove any excess if possible. In doing so, you will reduce the odds of severely damaging your grass or other garden plants.

Other Signs You’ve Over-Fertilized

Some other signs that might indicate you have used too much fertilizer include:

  • Dying plants
  • Very limp or blackened plant roots
  • Grass that refuses to grow, or grows much slower than normal

Professional Assistance with Lawn Fertilization

Knowing how much lawn fertilizer to use and when to apply it is something of a fine science. It’s not unusual for DIYers to get it wrong, so you should not feel bad if you have overdone it. Here at Abracadabra Lawn Pest and Weed Control, we can help you repair any damage that might have occurred due to over-fertilizing. We can also perform fertilizing for you to eliminate the risk of something going wrong. Please contact us today to learn more.

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