Identifying the Type of Grass That Grows in Your Texas Yard

Did you get yourself a new lawn that just so happened to go with a new house? You might have lucked out and found a lawn that looks just like your old one, but it is it possible that the grass looks different. If this is the case, there are a few different ways to help you identify what type of grass you are working with so you know you are taking the best care of it.

Indentifying the Type of Grass That Grows in Your Texas Yard

Obviously, the fastest way to identify the grass or even grasses that grow on your lawn is to contact a professional lawn care company. Lawn care technicians are highly familiar with the common grass types in their area because it is their job to care for them. However, if you wish to try your hand at it yourself, as a warm grass region opposed to a cool grass or transitional region, there are only a small handful of grass types that grow frequently in Texas.

St. Augustine Grass

Popular and quick growing, St. Augustine has a lovely medium to dark green color with leaf blades that have a V-shape in the cross section with a blunt, boat-shaped tip. As this grass is very shade tolerant and drought resistant, it is a popular choice. However, it can be prone to disease and chinch bugs as well as less tolerant to cold snaps and traffic. This means it is a high maintenance grass.


This grass is for the serious lawn enthusiast. Zoysiagrass is one of the most beautiful grasses in Texas, but it is often expensive and needs a lot of care to maintain. The blades of this type of grass are short and sharp which give your lawn a very fine texture. While very nice to look at, you will need sharper mower blades to cut Zoysia effectively, shallow roots means it can struggle in drought, and when damaged, it can take longer to recover.


Buffalograss is the common man’s grass in Texas. It is highly drought resistant and a very low maintenance grass for a lawn. You will note Buffalograss by its blue-green color and blades that are so fine that they often become lightly curled.

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