Tips For Grass Treatment

Healthy grass on your lawn is a wonderful thing that does not have to be unachievable. There are different types of grass treatment that help to develop a healthy lawn that is tolerant to weeds, insects and diseases.

There are different tips that you can enforce to establish a terrific and healthy lawn, including.

Tips For Grass Treatment

Frequent Mowing

As much as mowing the grass on your lawn to very short heights may save you time, it damages the grass and allows weeds to grow. Therefore, you need to keep the grass on your lawn a bit taller.

Water in the Morning

When you water your lawn in the morning, the sun helps in drying the grass. When you water in the night, moisture stays for extended periods on the grass blades, making the grass susceptible to certain diseases.

Therefore, it is better to water for prolonged periods to ensure you soak the lawn.

Lawn Feeding Grass Treatment

Nitrogen is an important nutrient for the grass on your lawn. You need to feed your lawn on fast and slow-release fertilizers that will keep your lawn healthy over time. You need to avoid feeding dormant grass because such grass cannot take in nutrients.

Reseeding Sparse Areas on Your Lawn

If some sections of your lawn are thin on grass, you can seed the areas to help it grow in extreme abundance. It is advisable to reseed using cool-season grasses during fall and warm-season grasses towards the end of spring.

It is important to keep the reseeded areas of your lawn moist to encourage uninterrupted germination. After the seeds have sprouted, you need to adhere to your normal watering program.

Use of Pre-Emergent

You can use pre-emergent to prevent weeds from germinating in your lawn. Pre-emergent help in preventing weeds from growing.

If you suspect that the health of your lawn is compromised and you need reliable tips for grass treatment, reach out to us today.

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