Weed Control for Your Lawn

Proper tending of your lawn does not prevent it from coming under attack from weeds. Some weed seeds float on the wind, and even weeds you thought you pulled out continue to grow. The way your lawn copes with the weed onslaught depends on the weeds involved, your response, and the overall health of your lawn.

Our professionals understand common lawn weeds and the options to fight them to help combat all types of invasions.

Below are recommendations by our professionals to help with controlling weeds in your lawn.

Weed Control for Your Lawn


Well-practiced weed prevention in the fall and spring takes advantage of the growing season of turf grass. The healthy and thick lawn provides the first defense against weeds.

Our experts focus on getting your grass healthy and minimizing turf areas.

Making your grass healthy is the best way of dealing with heavy weed infestation.

Use of Chemicals or Herbicides

If you are in-between situations, our professionals recommend the use of organic herbicides or chemicals.

We help with choosing the correct herbicide because we understand the different types of weeds and terms that appear on the labels of the weed control products.

In this regard, we can advise on the use of the following herbicides for weed control.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

These prevent the germination of weed seeds and are best used during the dormant summer or winter season.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

We recommend using these herbicides when the weeds are actively growing and when plants are storing nutrients in their roots.

This is because it becomes easier for the herbicide to be sucked into the roots, making it more effective.

Selective Herbicides

We recommend this type of herbicide when there is a need to target only certain weed types.

Nonselective Herbicides

We recommend using this herbicide when spot-treatment is desired. It kills any plant it comes in contact with.

Total Vegetation Herbicides

You need to use this type of herbicide very carefully because it kills all plants and sterilizes the soil for a given time.

For help identifying and controlling weeds in your lawn, let Abracadabra help! Contact us today!

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