What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Grubs?

Grubs are beetle larvae thought to be worms. When the larvae hatch, they start feeding on the roots of the plants on your yard. After maturing into adult beetles, they become capable of more extensive damage.

You can easily spot the destructive larvae when they are most active, especially during late summer, spring and fall. When grubs invade your yard, they damage your lawn, bringing the need for removal.

The main ways through which you can remove grubs from your lawn include;

Grub Worm Removal

Over seeding

Grubs are a problem, and they attract even bigger problems in the form of other animals that feed on them. When you over seed during spring and fall, the grass becomes too dense, making it hard for the adult beetles to survive.

Proper Fertilization

When grubs infest your lawn, fertilization can help in removing the insects. Most people fear this approach, but when done effectively, it becomes a very potent option.

For the fertilization process to be effective, you need to carry it out in two phases—the first during fall and the second in the early months of spring.

Alter Your Watering Schedule

Grub eggs cannot hatch without enough water. Given that you need to water your lawn regularly when it is hot, and the grub eggs hatch around the same time, you can avoid the problem by changing your watering plan.

Instead, you can heavily water your lawn once other than spreading the watering over several days. This deprives the eggs of moisture, thereby minimizing their chances of ever hatching.

Application of Grub Worm Killer

When the grub eggs have been laid, you can apply garden chemicals to get rid of them. When you douse your yard with grub worm killers at the right time, you can get rid of all the grub worms and restore the beauty of your yard.

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