Lawn Disease Control to Quickly Spruce up a Shabby Lawn

If you need to spruce up a shabby lawn in a hurry because of a “friendly” notice from a homeowner’s association or to sell a home, it’s wise to turn to a professional lawn service specializing in lawn disease control. From smut and root rot to slime mold, lawn diseases have names as unpleasant as the problem itself. Since it’s tricky to diagnose brown patch fungus and root rot, many homeowners feel bewildered. Also, getting the fertilization correct is another challenge for the average person who would rather spend time enjoying outdoor living space as opposed to tending to it. Adding too much phosphorus a yard mimics lawn disease by turning the grass yellow. Consider a few reasons why it’s important to spruce up a shabby lawn as soon as possible.

Lawn Disease Control to Quickly Spruce up a Shabby Lawn

The problem can spread

Lawns that are plagued by lawn disease look discolored. The unhealthy looking areas are likely to spread if not remedied. Fungal diseases such as Brown Patch and Take-All Patch require immediate attention. But it’s also possible to prevent diseases.

Diseases build up an immunity

Diseases may build up an immunity to certain kinds of disease treatment chemicals. That’s why it’s so important for professional lawn care that pays attention to correct fertilization, watering and care. If you can prevent lawn disease, it’s the most effective way to maintain a healthy and balanced looking lawn that is suitable for walking barefoot, picnicking and outdoor play.

Pests and weeds prefer diseased lawns

In some cases pests are attracted to diseased lawns as much or more than a vibrant and healthy lawn. For Texas homeowners, lawn pests and weeds often brings more headaches. Some experts call aphids the “plant lice” because they stunt plant growth and discolor the foliage. Kissing bugs sound friendly but are insects sometimes infected with the parasite that causes health problems for some people. Other difficult pests include mosquitoes that cause itching, chiggers that cause an itchy rash and the Tussock moth that also cause a skin rash.

If you have any signs of an unhealthy lawn, the worst thing to do is procrastinate.  At Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control, we specialize in lawn care and weed control for valued customers in the greater Dallas area. We are a family-owned business that helps homeowners keep their trees and shrubs healthy and disease free and keeps lawns healthy and virtually weed free throughout the season. For information about a free lawn inspection or lawn disease control, please contact us.

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