Traditional Aeration Versus Liquid Aeration – Which Works Better?

Have you ever watered your lawn and noticed that the water just slides right off? Do you have areas of high traffic that are showing wear? Has your lawn become uneven and started pooling water? These can all be signs that the soil on your lawn has become compacted. Compaction happens naturally over time as the own weight of your lawn forces soil closer together. This means there is less room for the water and oxygen that your grass roots need to grow strong and deep.  When your lawn is compacted, the solution is to have it aerated. The traditional way – known as core aeration – is to manually take small plugs of soil out of your lawn. This leaves near invisible gaps, but allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to get into your soil. Over time, it allows your grass to build stronger and deeper roots.

Traditional Aeration Versus Liquid Aeration – Which Works Better?

However, there is a new tool in lawn aeration – liquid aeration. This environmentally-friendly product, once reserved for golf courses and baseball fields, is now available for use on your lawn. Liquid aeration is sprayed on your lawn, absorbed down, and creates more pore space in the soil by combining soil particles into larger particles. This allows more room for nutrients, water, and oxygen without the removal of core plugs.

While you may see more immediate results with traditional aeration, liquid aeration, without a doubt, last longer. Furthermore, traditional aeration only affects a small percentage of your yard, but liquid aeration covers all of it in a fraction of the time it takes professionals to aerate your yard with traditional means. There is a clear winner here, and that winner is your lawn when you choose liquid aeration.

If you have a compacted lawn and are curious about liquid aeration, why not see how it works first hand? Contact us today to see if you can benefit from liquid aeration or any other lawn treatments that we offer at Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control.

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