Identification and Control of Army Worms

Army worms are the larvae of a moth that eat grass blades and vegetables, such as corn and pepper. They are destructive and can strip the edges of your lawn grass. When large numbers of these worms are present in your lawn, they seem to march side by side and can destroy the lawn grasses in a few days.

Identification and Control of Army Worms

Identification of Army Worms

Army worms are light green in the early stages of their growth and brown or dark green in later stages. Full-grown larvae are almost hairless and can further be identified by green, brown, and yellow stripes on their bodies.

Small brown lawn patches are the first sign that army worms infest your lawn. They may leave ragged grass blades or create a transparent layer on grass leaves. The grass may be ripped off to the ground thereby leaving empty spots in your lawn.

The presence of rodents and skunks on your lawn could also be an indication of the presence of army worms. The existence of several probing birds on your lawn may be a sign that your lawn is infested by armyworms.

Control of Army worms

Armyworms actively feed at all times, but are most active in the evening and early in the morning. Therefore, you need to coincide your treatment with activity for optimum results. Army worms feed on the surface of your lawn and this makes it easy to control them using insecticides.

When your lawn grass blades are chewed, you can recover the damaged section of your lawn by watering it properly. Most uncompromising damage occurs when armyworms attack your lawn during dry and hot weather. You need to treat your entire lawn by using a regular lawn spreader for uniform coverage.

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