How to Aerate Your Lawn

The grass in your lawn can become compressed over time. Compacted soil creates thatch, which prevents water, air, and fertilizer from getting to the root system of the grass in your lawn. It causes the grass to grow thin, and in the long run, the grass dies. Aerating your lawn involves making holes and loosening the soil underneath. The process makes it possible for water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the roots leading to a green and lush lawn.

Lawn aeration is one of the most overlooked aspects of lawn maintenance. This is despite its significance in keeping a fresh and healthy yard.

If you have never aerated your lawn or having challenges in doing so, below are the tips on how to do it.

How to Aerate Your Lawn

Ensure The Soil is Moist

It is easier and less frustrating to aerate moist soil. Therefore, it would help if you aerate after it has rained or after watering your lawn.

Make Several Passes on Compacted Areas

Given that most aeration machines cover small surfaces per pass, it is vital to make several passes over compacted areas. You save a lot of resources by not interfering with the non-compacted areas.

Break Down Excavated Soil Plugs

For the aeration process to be successful, it would be best if you allow excavated soil to dry. After drying, you need to break up the soil plugs for the uniformity of your lawn and a good appearance. You can use a rake or a lawnmower to break up soil plugs.

Use Liquid Aeration Products

The liquid aeration products serve as alternatives to the physical process of aerating compacted sections on your lawn. Most of the products contain natural ingredients to minimize the compaction of the soil.

SoilTech is a liquid aeration product that increases the pore space of the soil in your lawn. Also, it is environmentally friendly and creates a healthy surrounding in your lawn.

It would help if you continued taking care of your lawn after aerating to promote the health of your lawn.

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