Tips on Proper Grass Treatment

Achieving a lush and healthy lawn does not have to be characterized by a plan of treatment using chemicals. There are several tips on proper grass treatment that can help you achieve a green, lush and healthy lawn.

Below are some tips you can use to achieve the lawn that you have always desired.



Dethatching helps in opening up your lawn thereby facilitating the infiltration of water and nutrients to the grassroots. You can carry out the process yourself using a thatching rake or you can hire a power dethatcher.

Fertilize Less 

You need to resist the push to double up the amount of fertilizer on your lawn. Excess fertilizer on your lawn is wasteful and can char some sections of your lawn. Instead, you need to spread fertilizer after the first mowing and then again after six or more weeks. You can use organic lawn food instead of fertilizers, though the organic food will take slightly longer before you start noticing any positive changes.

Proper Aeration

You need to aerate your lawn when there is lower likelihood of the growth of weed seeds, especially in the fall. However, you can aerate during summer if you intend to use pre-emergent. Proper aeration helps in loosening compacted soil on your lawn so that air and necessary nutrients can reach the roots of the grass.

High Quality Seeds

The existence of bare patches on your lawn could be an indication of the need to overseed. When overseeding, you need to use a high quality mix. Low quality and cheap seeds will never perform well even if you use large amounts of fertilizers. You can consider a custom mix that is optimally blended to suit the type of soil on your lawn.

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