Benefits of Thickening and Fertilizing a St. Augustine Lawn

A green and lush lawn is what most homeowners in Texas want. If you have St. Augustine grass, a lush lawn is one with dense and healthy grass that does not allow for competing grasses or weeds. If you have St. Augustine grass, you know how frustrating it is when wild plants from neighboring areas scatter seeds. When left to guess what to do, most homeowners unfortunately over-water their lawns as well as use too much fertilizer or the wrong kinds. In addition to keeping your neighbors and the association happy, there are several other benefits of a lush lawn when St. Augustine is your turf of choice.

Thickening and Fertilizing a St. Augustine Lawn

Preventing allergies and discomfort

Unfortunately allergy weeds are top pollen allergy offenders that cause discomfort. The best way to prevent weeds from sprouting up is to talk to a professional weed and pest control company about fertilizing and thickening a lawn. While it’s not possible to stop the seeds from drifting in the air and settling in your yard, a professional will make the lawn as inhospitable as possible to volunteer weeds and competing grasses.

Makes it more pleasurable for outdoor play

Thanks to above-ground runners, St. Augustine grass spreads quickly with the proper watering and fertilization. The St. Augustine grass blades are flat and broad which makes it more comfortable for sporting and outdoor activity. It’s less likely a child will trip and fall when the turf is even and carpet-like. A thicker grass holds up to more intense sports and foot traffic.

Maintaining a beautiful appearance

By turning to professionals, a homeowner does not need to worry about the correct timing for fertilizing and properly applying safe fungicides. So many Texas homeowners deal with brown patch, take all patch and grey leaf spot. Also, chinch bugs ruin a beautiful lawn by feeding on the stems at the base of the leaves. Because St. Augustine is shade tolerance, the grass is perfect for overall landscaping appearance. Professionals make sure St. Augustine does not become a thin, spindly turf in densely shaded areas.

For a dense, vibrant green and weed-free turf, rely on expert care. Care for St. Augustine grass change with the seasons as well as the particular soil such as one that is iron deficient. At Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control,  we take the guesswork out of caring for your lawn in the Dallas, Texas area. We are a family-owned and operated company built on integrity.  For more information on weed and pest control and fertilization, please contact us today.

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