Control of Common Lawn Diseases

Lawns are made of thousands of the same type of grasses, and this makes it easier for disease problems to spread without you noticing. Even when you take good care of your lawn, it can still be infected with different lawn diseases that can lead to discolored and dead areas.

Control of Common Lawn Diseases

Disease spores can hide in the soil or float in the air and increase when the conditions become favorable. This brings the need to protect your lawn and to treat all diseases after taking hold.

Lawn Diseases

The common lawn diseases are rust, fairy ring, leaf spot, dollar spot and brown patch. The diseases pose a serious threat, and controlling them is of great importance.

The first step in treating fungi and diseases on your lawn is identifying the exact problem. Spotted and discolored grass leaves are some signs of lawn disease.

Lawn fungi can also cause lawn disease, which can lead to extensive damage to your lawn. Lawn diseases caused by fungi can rot the grassroots and shoots, causing dead spots on your lawn.

Control of Lawn Diseases

Keeping your lawn healthy helps in preventing lawn diseases. You can improve the health of your lawn by watering properly, fertilizing and mowing appropriately.

Certain diseases may bring the need for modified approaches to treating lawn fungus. You can use fungicides to prevent brown patches on your lawn from spreading.

Irrigation and application of fertilizers rich in nitrogen can help in the prevention of lawn diseases such as rust. You can prevent some lawn diseases through aeration and infrequent deep watering.

Immediate weed treatment and control of lawn fungi are vital if your lawn is suffering from more than one disease. Taking time before taking action worsens the problem. Therefore, you need to act promptly in addressing weeds and lawn diseases and fulfilling your dream of having a beautiful lawn.

If you are not sure if your lawn is suffering from lawn diseases, you can contact us for evaluation and control using the best products in the market.

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