How Will Winter Weather Affect My Lawn?

The winter months can be a very challenging time for grass and lawn upkeep. Winter weather creates conditions that makes grass growing difficult, and also requires special attention to ensure the lawn isn’t permanently damaged. Here are some items to watch out for in the cooler months to ensure your lawn survives winter and is ready to grow once spring arrives.

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Lawn

How Will Winter Weather Affect My Lawn?

Frost and Freezing Rain Damage  

When frost forms on grass it creates a very fragile situation. It is critical that the grass be left undisturbed when frost is present as any pressure on the grass can cause breakage in the blades, which will permanently damage that area. Frost is most commonly formed overnight and should melt during the day, but be cautious and leave the grass alone until it is fully melted. Freezing rain will also create brittle conditions and should also be left to thaw and melt before any activity is allowed in the affected areas.

Winter Weather Desiccation  

Desiccation is caused when freezing weather impedes moisture from reaching the roots of the grass, essentially mimicking drought conditions. Desiccation is usually found in extreme cold conditions, but can arise anytime freezing temperatures are present.


Grass can go dormant in winter, creating the illusion that the lawn is dying. The good news is this is a natural process for grass, and once temperatures rise and growing conditions improve, the lawn should awake from dormancy and grow green and full again. Dormancy is different than desiccation because the lawn is not being damaged by lack of moisture, but instead existing in a state of self-preservation.

Snow Accumulation  

While it is rare in this area, snowfall should be treated with caution when it comes to your lawn. Many people will want to play in a fresh snowfall before it melts, but stomping down snow onto your lawn can cause significant long-term damage, just the same as freezing conditions. If the health of your lawn is a priority, leave it alone until the snow melts and the grass has been given time to dry out.

The team at Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control has over 16 years of experience growing and maintaining lawns in the DFW area, and has many services available to help your lawn survive winter weather and grow thick and full in the spring. Contact us today with any questions you may have, or visit our FAQ page to learn more about our company.

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