Top Signs that your Grass Needs Treatment

Keeping your lawn looking healthy is an imperative undertaking, especially if you are looking to improve the general outlook of your home. However, if you fail to maintain your lawn and your grass needs treatment, it may suffer a slow but steady deterioration over time that may affect its growth.

In most cases, the signs of an unhealthy lawn often go unnoticed. But if you look keenly, you may be able to identify the signs of an unhealthy lawn during the initial stages.

That said, taking measures to treat your lawn may help counter the adverse effects and, at the same time, rectify the root of the problem.

But what are the signs of an unhealthy lawn? Here is a breakdown of some of the signs to look out for.

Top Signs that your Grass Needs Treatment

#1. You Notice an Increase in Weeds

Weeds are often considered unwanted plants.  They are detrimental to the growth of the lawn and are a very significant sign that your yard needs treatment.

As such, if you notice weeds are starting to infiltrate your lawn, it is imperative to take the necessary measures to remove them. To achieve this, you can aerate, mow or utilize other treatment techniques to this effect.

#2. General Discoloration

An obvious sign that your grass needs treatment is when you notice discoloration across your lawn. Various factors such as inconsistent watering and fertilizing are considered the primary contributors to this problem.

You’ll need lawn treatment techniques that focus on these factors to address this.

#3. Presence of Dry Patches Across the Entire Lawn

Dry patches or general dryness is an alarming sign indicating that your lawn is unhealthy. This may arise when your lawn isn’t receiving sufficient water or when the base of your yard is compact; thus, water can’t penetrate easily.

If these signs are visible, you need to apply lawn treatment techniques that can help counter this problem.

Need help?

The visible signs of an unhealthy lawn can be devastating. As such, it is imperative to take measures to counter the adverse effects or any other factors contributing to the underlying problem. In simpler terms, your lawn needs treatment.

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