Our Five Steps to Beautiful Shrubs and Ornamental Plants

At Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control, we understand that the key to having a beautiful lawn is preventing problems before they begin. In an effort to keep your landscaping protected and looking its best year round, we have developed a 5-step program designed to aid in the health and beauty of the shrubs and ornamentals on your property. Keep reading to learn more!

Our Five Steps to Beautiful Shrubs and Ornamental Plants

Step 1: Dormant oil for early insect control

Insects can wreak havoc on your lawn and shrubbery if not treated properly. We start early to ensure that they never have the opportunity to create damage to your landscaping. We’ll apply a dormant oil to your shrubs, which is a safe and effective product that targets the harmful insects on your lawn, while sparing many of the insects that can help to keep your shrubs healthy.

Step 2: Insect and disease control along with a balanced foliar fertilization treatment for a healthy landscape

In this step, we again treat for insects to ensure continued protection against the harm and illness they can cause to your shrubs. This time we also apply a foliar fertilization treatment, which nourishes your lawn and plants and provides them with the nutrients they need to continue to grow strong and resist infectious disease.

Step 3: Insect and disease control application

We return once again to treat for insects and various diseases that can affect your shrubbery. It may seem repetitive, but the best way to keep your shrubbery safe is to continue to prevent disease before it begins. Our program ensures that we stay on top of it throughout the most important times of the year.

Step 4: Insect and disease control application

You guessed it! We’re back again to complete another insect and disease control application. Completing this step once again with well thought-out timing allows us to check in on your shrubs, make sure that we’re still just preventing disease and insects rather than instituting additional necessary treatments. Doing so in between foliar fertilization treatments also ensures that we’re providing your shrubs with the environment they need so that those fertilization treatments can be most effective.

Step 5: Insect and disease control application and balanced foliar fertilization.

Lastly, we will treat once more for insects and diseases, to prevent these problems before they cause irreparable damage to your shrubs and ornamentals. We then apply foliar fertilization to encourage the growth and continued health of your ornamentals and shrubs. As this is our final step, we want to see your shrubs and ornamentals looking their best, and if this isn’t the case, we can discuss further steps we may need to take to keep their health moving in the right direction.

We are proud to offer our 5-step shrub and ornamental program to new and existing customers. To learn more about this service or to schedule an appointment, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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