How Often Do You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn?

There often seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding how often you need to fertilize your lawn. However, the reason for that typically is because all grass is not the same in the United States. Lawn grasses are split up in two types – cool region and warm region grasses. This splits between the north and the south with a large swathe of transition area where both grow in between. Unfortunately, they have pretty different fertilization needs.

How Often Do You Need to Fertilize Your Lawn?

For Texas lawns, we live in a warm grass region. This means they grow vigorously in the spring and summer, then turn brown and go dormant in the winter. They will also need more frequent fertilization, which means lawn fertilization for Texas lawns is almost a year-round affair.


For the best looking and healthiest warm grass lawns, you start with a nitrogen fertilizer in the spring. Instead of a heavy treatment, you go light with it in the spring to give the grass the nutrients it needs to wake up strong.


Instead of overwhelming a lawn with nitrogen in the spring time, instead you want to have a professional that uses the slow-releasing fertilizer of not only nitrogen, but potassium and phosphorous as well to keep working over the summer months. This not only helps the grass keep even color, but it nourishes the root system as well.


Finally, once fall has fully set in and your grass is just starting to go dormant, you want a nice treatment of potassium. This will keep a healthy root system and help to prevent that winter die off that can happen with sudden cold spells.

Taking care of a Texas lawn is a lot of work, but leaving treatments to the professionals can help keep that workload off your shoulders. If you are looking to keep your fertilize your lawn, and keep it healthy, beautiful, and weed-free, contact us today to see the magic that Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control can cast on your lawn.

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