Why Pre-Emergent is Just One Step of Removing Dallis Grass

If you have a beautiful lawn, dallis grass can become your most problematic issue with it. It is a particularly invasive weed grass and can seemingly appear overnight to ruin your carefully cultivated lawn. Furthermore, you may try to combat it early, only to discover that it turns up anyway. Why do your treatments keep failing?

Why Pre-Emergent is Just One Step of Removing Dallis Grass

While pre-emergents are a great tool for preventing a lot of weeds on your lawn, they may not always be as effective as you’d hope on keeping dallis grass away. The issue is that dallis grass is a perennial plant unlike most weeds. This means if it is already there, it will come back year after year. A pre-emergent only works on seeds since it prevents them from germinating, but it will not work on seeds that have already germinated and grown like a perennial plant.

If you have a lawn without a hint of dallis grass, pre-emergent treatments might keep it from ever appearing. Dallisgrass is a very difficult weed to control as grassy weeds are not affected by pre-emergents. It requires special herbicide treatment that requires 3 applications and must be applied in the summer.

This is often what makes people end up so frustrated with this particular invasive lawn weed. They put down supposedly effective treatments only for them to seem non-effective when the plants keep coming back. However, often times lawn care is just more than a quick pre-emergent treatment in the spring as every weed requires something a little different to make sure it doesn’t come back. If you are having a dallis grass problem or are plagued by any other lawn weeds, contact us today to see what we can do to help. Let Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control make lawn-disfiguring weeds disappear in a flash.

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