Richardson Lawn Care: The Top Tips to Keep Your Richardson Lawn in Top Shape

The global spend on lawn equipment is expected to reach 24.2 billion in 2021!

People are spending to ensure that their front yards look good! This is because your lawn gives your home curb appeal. However, a lawn can be challenging to maintain.

In order to keep your grass looking pristine, you must use some special techniques. Fortunately, these techniques are not difficult to implement and continue.

Here are some of our top tips for Richardson lawn care that will help you to have the greenest lawn on the block.

1. Careful How You Mow

You may be one of those people who grabs a lawn mower and starts trimming the grass. However, if you are not strategic about how you mow the lawn then you are doing it a great disservice.

If you mow your lawn too short there is a stress effect that takes place and the grass may actually fail to flourish as it should. This is because taller grass actually promotes root development.

Taller grass also has the added benefit of shading the ground so that it doesn’t dry out too fast. In addition, when you keep your grass a bit taller it blocks some of the sunlight that weeds need in order to germinate.

Set your lawnmower to the advised notch based on which type of lawn you are mowing. In Texas, Bermuda grass is a popular choice of grass. It is seen in tropical and subtropical areas and it is extremely important to know how to cut it correctly. It’s recommended height is 1 to 1.5 inches and to sometimes cut it twice per week.

Make sure that the blade of the mower is sharp so that you give the grass a good clean cut. This reduces the unevenness of the grass, making the lawn look nicer.

2. Water Well

There is no need to water your bermudagrass more than twice per week. Watering the grass too much can cause thatch. If you are not familiar with what thatch is, it is a web of brown runners that appear right above the soil.

You may be wondering how you can know how much water your soil needs, since water management is so important. It really depends on the type of soil that you have. Sandy soil will need a lot more water to get a thorough soaking while clay soils will hold water more readily and require less water.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and if your lawn is newly seeded you will need to water it more than once a week. In fact, you will need to water it for a few minutes every day until the grass comes of age.

Your goal should be to water newly seeded grass for a few minutes so that the seeds are properly dampened but don’t get washed away. Once the seeds begin to sprout and the grass grows to at least an inch in height you can go ahead and water them for longer periods.

3. Fertilize in Moderation

No matter how well tended and healthy your lawn is it is going to need some fertilization. Fertilization is best used at least twice per year, however different grasses have different requirements. This doesn’t mean you can’t fertilize it more if you think it is necessary.

Some fertilizers are rich in nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. In fact, these are the most popular fertilizers. However, fertilizers that contain these nutrients, as well as other micronutrients like copper and iron, are actually better for your grass.

Watering and fertilizing your lawn keeps it healthy but over time it can become a bit acidic. Every few years you should apply some dolomitic lime to the lawn. The lime will help to help to restore the correct ph balance to the soil.

However, before you apply the lime, test the ph of your soil by using a kit that you can purchase at a nursery.

4. Remove Weeds

Weeds are annoying, to say the least, they suffocate your grass and prevent it from growing. This, in turn, takes away from the beauty of your lawn. Fortunately, it is very possible to get rid of weeds.

You can use herbicides or you can try a more natural solution. There are weed killers out there that are very powerful and make use of salts from fatty acids, vinegar, and even corn gluten.

The truth is that if your grass is extremely healthy it will choke out weeds. Mowing your lawn regularly is another way to keep weeds out. This is because mowing regularly chops off the head of weeds that scatter seeds.

5. Give Your Grass Some Air

If your grass gets too compacted it will affect the overall look of your lawn because the nutrients that are necessary for growth cannot penetrate the root.

That is why you need to aerate the grass from time to time. Aerating your lawn means that you poke holes in the soil in order to improve the circulation of oxygen.

There are tools out there that you can use to aerate your soil but you can save yourself some money if you have a pair of spiked sporting shoes available.

Walk around your lawn in these shoes for a while to add the necessary holes to aerate the soil.

Final Thoughts on Richardson Lawn Care

Your lawn can look good in any season if you apply the techniques discussed here.

A beautiful lawn makes your home more appealing because it makes it look well taken care of. This is why when real estate agents are looking to stage a home in order to sell it, they often make the lawn look immaculate to immediately impress the buyer.

Once you start using these effective Richardson Lawn Care Tips your neighbors will start complimenting your lawn. With consistency, you will always have one of the best looking lawns in Richardson.

If you take the time to invest in caring for your lawn, you will find it becomes easier to maintain, since it will never get run down.

If you would like more help with taking care of your lawn in Richardson, please contact us.

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