Is Weed Control Necessary in the Winter?

The dropping temperatures of winter often make homeowners think that winter is their reprieve from lawn care. However, while some areas might indeed see lawns covered under a layer of snow in the winter, the DFW area isn’t usually so lucky. So you might be wondering if weed control is necessary in the Winter? Like everything else – Weed growing season is indeed bigger in Texas!

Is Weed Control Necessary in the Winter?

What Weed Treatments Are Used in The Winter?

The good news is that weed growth is often slowed in winter, and this makes it actually the best time to treat your lawn so you have healthy grass when springtime roles around. October through December is the perfect time for pre-emergent lawn care in Texas.

Pre-emergent weed control isn’t about killing the weeds that are already there so much as it is about stopping weeds from coming back next year. While spring and summer treatments handle weeds that had the chance to sprout on your lawn, pre-emergent treatments in the winter will prevent the next generation from propagating.

Do You Need Winter Weed Control?

As the wind is constantly blowing germinating weed seeds in, the battle between weeds and your healthy lush lawn is a year-round affair. However, with winter weed control treatment, you will notice that you don’t get as large of a weed bloom in the spring. Ideally, outside of a little spot treatment, all you will need to do in the spring is continued treatment to make sure your lawn is a difficult place for weeds to grow.

Lawn care to build and maintain a healthy lawn can be a lot of work. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and want to build a healthy lawn for your yard, contact us today. Abracadabra Lawn Pest & Weed Control can help you get the weed-free lawn of your dreams without the hassle.

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