Time for Pre-Emergent Weed Killer

Fall is here. And, unless you’re a fan of sweating in plaid, you’re likely anticipating a reprieve from all the heat. In this season, grass may be ready to go dormant, but now is actually the time to act for a beautiful lawn next year. Using pre-emergent weed killer now, you can knock out future weed infestations in your lawn.

Time for Pre-Emergent Weed Killer

Pre-Emergent Defined

Pre-emergent weed killer refers to herbicides designed to stop weeds before they sprout. Acting when the seeds have only germinated in the soil, the chemicals in pre-emergent herbicides are designed to prohibit the weeds from coming up from the ground. These herbicides are engineered to effectively address the wide range of weeds common in the North Texas region, including crabgrass, rescue grass, poa annua, dandelions, and others. The first step in tailoring a successful pre-emergent plan of attack is to properly identify the specific weed species invading your yard. A knowledgeable lawn specialist will be able to make the correct identifications.

It should be noted that, besides setting the stage for a weed-free lawn this coming spring and summer, pre-emergent weed killer is going to knock out those unsightly green weeds that pop up in your dormant winter lawn. These weeds are especially common when we have a warm winter that encourages weed sprouting. The more common suspects? Poa annua and rescue grass. With pre-emergent herbicide treatment, a dormant lawn can be an attractive lawn.

A good pre-emergent cocktail will also include a fertilizer component. The addition of potassium in the fall will encourage a healthy root system. Nitrogen can help wake up grass when it is included in the spring pre-emergent treatment.

Address Visible Weeds In Tandem With Pre-Emergent Treatment

The application of a pre-emergent weed killer prevents germinated weeds from coming up. But, if you are seeing weeds now, a post-emergent weed application can be added to the pre-emergent mix. This will address weeds that have already sprouted. With such a treatment, the lawn owner receives immediate and future benefits.


Pre-emergent weed killer is available in both a liquid and a granular form. Liquid forms are sprayed on. Granular forms are spread and then watered into the soil. There may be times when one application makes more sense over the other. Your lawn specialist will be able to best advise you of the solution that makes sense for your lawn. They will consider factors such as what surrounds your lawn and your access to irrigation.

When to Apply

They say timing is everything. This holds true when it comes to pre-emergent herbicide application as well. Because these herbicides stop weeds from sprouting, they should be applied during both of our North Texas sprouting seasons: fall and spring. Temperature plays a role in the application timing within the season, as does rainfall. Lawn specialists will consider temperature and rain forecasts when planning their pre-emergent work.

Are you dreaming of a beautiful, weed-free lawn next spring and summer? Abracadabra has the expertise to deliver proven weed control. Contact us today for your free lawn inspection and personalized recommendations guaranteed to deliver results.

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