How to Care for Your Lawn Without Wasting Water

It is no secret that clean water is in short supply these days. More than two thirds of the world’s population could see significant water shortages according to the World Wildlife Fund. Since roughly 70% of this water is used for agriculture instead of drinking, many concerned citizens are looking for ways to cut back on how much water their lawns consume. Homeowners are trying to use less water, reuse wastewater, or introduce additives to help regulate water consumption. So how can you care for your lawn without wasting water?

How to Care for Your Lawn Without Wasting Water

Using Less Water

The simplest way to decrease consumption is to regulate the amount we use. Homeowners may try to water only in the morning and afternoon when it is cool and the water takes longer to evaporate. This is a good strategy but be careful. Too little water may lead to dead, brown spots in the lawn.

Reusing Wastewater

Some homeowners are collecting wastewater from things like washing dishes, rain runoff, etc. This is a great way to use your water twice. However, make sure that the chemicals you use in your house are gentle enough for the lawn. Also, make sure to check local city ordinances before collecting rain runoff.

Water Management Applications

Many homeowners are using in-ground additives to help regulate their lawns this summer. Companies like  this are providing a mineral that can be added to the ground to hold water there longer. Much like the powder in a disposable diaper, this substance locks in the moisture, allowing the roots of your lawn longer to absorb the necessary liquid and nutrients.

Whether you decide to use one or all of these methods, conserving resources is essential ensuring that there is enough clean water to go around in the future.

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