How to Control Lawn Disease

Lawn diseases are unsightly and frustrating. No matter how carefully you look after your lawn, you might still encounter a lawn disease. These lawn diseases come in different forms. You can control lawn disease in several ways. Some of the most common include:

  • Red thread
  • Brown patch
  • Snow mold
  • Rust diseases
  • Summer patch and many others

As the adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

How to Control Lawn Disease

Regularly Feed Your Lawn

Grass plants can weaken due to nutrient deficiencies. You must feed the lawn with the right foods at least four times a year. A well-nourished lawn can fend off lawn diseases more easily. It’s the same way a well-nourished human body keeps diseases at bay.

Water the Lawn Correctly

The wetness of grass blades can lead to lawn diseases. Keep grass blades dry to avoid this. You should only water the grass when necessary. When you water the lawn, use enough water so that you will take longer in between watering.

You could water in the mornings between six am, and ten am to allow the blades to dry in the daytime. Avoid watering the lawn later in the day or night since the grass will stay wet all night, encouraging diseases.

Mow the Lawn at the Appropriate Height

When you mow the grass too short, you weaken the grass. The weakened state makes the grass susceptible to diseases. Most types of grass require a three to four-inch mower setting.

Apply Fungicides

Apply a lawn fungicide to prevent the recurrence or development of dollar spot or brown patch. Fungicides provide broad-spectrum control and prevention of lawn diseases. You can apply it on all types of lawns by adhering to the instructions on the fungicide pack.

To learn more about how to control lawn disease, talk to a professional at Abracadabra Lawn Pest and Weed Control today.

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