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Exterminating Ants

Trying to ward off a home invading ant infestation can frustrate homeowners very quickly. Often times the do-it-yourself products a homeowner buys from the local home and garden store makes little or no change in the infestation.

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Some invading ants can be very tricky and difficult to control, at times, even for the seasoned professional. A thorough understanding and knowledge of the ant’s behavior and habitat is crucial in being successful with a control operation. Some ants, like Fire ants, nest outside of the home and move in searching for food or water. Other ants, such as Pharaoh ants, make their nests inside the home in places like wall voids or behind baseboards. Some ant species, like Carpenter ants can nest both outside and inside the home. Also, not all ants prefer the same food source. There are many types of baits, dusts, and spray solutions that can be used to control different ant species. Our technicians will first identify the species of ant and then use the appropriate application method to control your ant problem.

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Greater Area Dallas Ant Control

The technicians at Abracadabra Pest & Weed Control are knowledgeable and experienced in home invading ant identification and control. We will properly identify the type of ant causing the problem and apply the best product in the appropriate location for optimal control. We service many cities in the Dallas metro area and have extensive experience working in home, office and commercial locations.

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Pest Control FAQs

Why does your quarterly service only treat the outside of the home?

By servicing the outside perimeter of the home on a regular basis with repellent products, we are able to keep the repellent band around the entire house including all entry points, like windows and doors. This deters pests from entering the home. If there are no pest problems inside the home, there is no need to apply pesticides indoors. However, if a problem inside the house presents itself, we will at no extra charge apply the product needed to take care of the situation (this excludes Carpenter Ants and Termites).

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Are the products your company applies dangerous to my pets or family?

Our technicians are trained in the proper mixing, applying and disposal of all our products. We apply the product in accordance with its label to insure the most responsible application possible. We also suggest the customer keep pets and children off of the treated area until it is fully dry. This is for good measure.

Do I have to sign a contract for your service?

No contracts required with our company. Our outstanding treatment results and great customer service insures our customer’s satisfaction making contracts unnecessary.

Does the quarterly service program include fire ants, fleas or other pests in my lawn?

The standard quarterly service does not include fleas or other insects in the lawn. We do include spot treating fire ant mounds against the foundation of the home. We can treat the entire lawn for fleas, fire ants and other pests at an additional cost based on the size of the treatment area.

Customer Reviews

Abracadabra is a family owned and operated business. As a business based in the Dallas area, we are proud to serve our community for all of their lawn & pest control needs. See what our happy clients have to say about us!

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