Termite Inspections Dallas

Annual Termite Inspections

Termite services usually occur after significant termite damage has been discovered. This is why it is important to have your property inspected annually. Our goal is to keep termite damage to a minimum. Termites may not have found their way into your home, but they could be making their way from infested fence lines, trees or patios. If you haven’t had your home or property inspected for termites in over a year, it’s time to give Abracadabra a call.

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Termite Control & Warranty

Our services begin with a full inspection of your property. Once our team determines the source of the infestation, we will recommend a customized treatment plan based on our findings. Treatment plans range from a small spot treatment to a full treatment depending on the infestation. All termite treatments come with a full warranty for the treated area. Contact us today for more information about our termite treatment warranties.

Termite Control Dallas


Our expert team is dedicated to transforming your outdoor space, delivering professional care and expertise that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Weed Control

Weed Control

We have 8 steps designed to keep your lawn green, healthy, and virtually weed free all season.

Tree Shrub Care

Trees & Shrub Care

We have 8 steps designed to keep your lawn green, healthy, and virtually weed free all season.

Grub Worm Control

Grub Worms

We apply an insecticide to your entire lawn to prevent a grub worm infestation.


Fire Ant Control

A one time application of “Top Choice” fire ant control to the entire lawn, guaranteed for full twelve months.

Lawn Disease Control

Insect & Lawn Disease Prevention

The best way to manage lawn disease is to prevent it before it occurs.

Customer Reviews 

Abracadabra is a family owned and operated business serving the Collin County, TX area. We are proud to serve our community for all of their lawn pest, fertilization and weed control needs. See what our happy clients have to say about us!

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